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INCENDIS Thermal OpticINCENDIS Thermal OpticINCENDIS Thermal Optic
INCENDIS Thermal OpticINCENDIS Thermal OpticINCENDIS Thermal Optic
INCENDIS Thermal Optic

The Incendis Thermal Optic stands out from the crowd.

With our exacting hardware specifications, physical durability, and advanced technology, the Incendis is in a class all its own. The intuitive, user-friendly interface allows you to quickly navigate the menu and select the right setting for the situation.

Featuring the traditional “white hot” and “black hot”, along with the improved red accent, and “green hot,” the Incendis has what you need to get the job done.

As a standalone optic the Incendis transforms your rifle into a dedicated heat seeking machine. In its most versatile configuration, mounted forward of a traditional scope or red dot optic, the thermal gives the user the flexibility to transition from weapon to weapon as needed.

If you need the ability to quickly scan in a non-lethal setting, the Incendis is easy to use in hand-held mode. This thermal is versatile, durable, and affordable, all of which make it unique in today’s market.


  • Core Resolution - 384×288
  • Display Resolution - 1024×768
  • Frame Rate - 60 NTSC
  • Magnification - 1x,2x,4x
  • Heat Display - White Hot, Black Hot, Red Accent and Green Hot
  • Objective Lens - Focus Adjustable
  • Shutter - Shutter and Shutterless Nuke
  • Battery - Pack and CR123 (~4 hrs)

Model:  ACC-122622
Brand:  Accufire Technology

Accufire Technology

INCENDIS Thermal Optic