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HotShotz Trade Pack

HotShotz Trade Pack
RRP Inc VAT: 367.20



10 inch round heat pack "HotShotz" (25.4cm)
Qty:  2
8x18 Heat pack "HotShotz" Neck and shoulder (20.3X45.7cm)
8x12 Heat pack "HotShotz" Lower back (20.3X30.4cm)
5x9 Heat pack "HotShotz" Wrap (12.7X22.8cm)
Qty:  2
Backstrap For use with Lowerback Hotshotz Heat Pack
3x5 Heat pack "HotShotz" Hand warmer (7.6X12.7cm)
Qty:  10

Model:  HZ-TD-PK
Part Number:  HZ-TD-PK
Brand:  HotShotz


The trade pack contains an assortment of the bestselling HotHhotz heat packs, perfect for any shop to get started with this phenomenal product

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