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Gun Snot Aerosol

Pure: contains no thickeners or solvents which can leave carbon residue and degrade equipment. Its contents are perfluorinated and a branch of the Teflon tree.

Easy to clean. Simply wipe lubricated surfaces clean with brake cleaner or your favorite cleaner. Our experience is that once you do a deep clean with brake cleaner, you get down to the base metal.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: you don’t need to do this deep clean each time because the Teflon is in the nooks and crannies of the metal. Wipe it clean with a non-fibrous cloth (included) and apply fresh Gun Snot overtop the remnants of the hand cleaning of the BCG or chamber.

HOWEVER, the first clean is the most critical. Wear safety glasses and do the cleaning outside so the solvent will evaporate quickly and get you back to where your deep clean started. It is very much like a CLP lube. It will seem like a lot of solvent, but you do not need to do that every time.

Use on any surface that slides, rolls, or is shiny. Best to test to understand where the work of the lubricant is and where it does its work.

DO NOT over use it – use ‘Dots not Lots” so you are not wasting lube and creating a carbon magnet. We have an experimental version of it that appears to work really well – but testing is still continuing. We are signing up Beta users weekly. Understanding where the points of work are being done is where you want to put a dot of lube on it. Lubricating the entire interior will do you no good and in fact is an even larger magnet for soils.

Model:  GS-Aerosol
Brand:  Gun Snot

Gun Snot

Gun Snot Aerosol